SynCell 2023

SynCell2023 is an international conference that aims to bring together researchers worldwide to present and discuss the latest results in in bottom-up synthetic biology research. In addition, SynCell2023 also provides room to discuss future scientific and technological perspectives of research on synthetic cells and organelles, and the philosophical and ethical considerations that come with them.

The program will feature plenary as well as parallel sessions with presentations and discussions, and poster sessions. Invited top scientists will give tutorials for young researchers, and technical sessions and talks for all attendees.

A day after SynCell2023 there will be Build-a-Cell Workshop 10,

Please considering staying in Minneapolis the one extra day and participating in the workshop.


The meeting will be divided into scientific sessions, covering most important aspects of synthetic cell engineering.

The sessions will be:

  • Cell-free translation systems: the cytoplasm of synthetic cells

  • Beyond the bench: education, outreach, ethics and biosafety

  • Containers: liposome, microfluidics, coacervates etc.

  • Building blocks: metabolism, gene replication, membrane synthesis, ribosome assembly etc.

  • Applications: anything useful and moneymaking, like medicine, bioengineering etc.

  • Cytoskeleton: protein, DNA, other structures

  • Minimal cell on live chassis: Mycoplasma and others


Local information:

Meeting will be on the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota, at the McNamara Alumni Center.

200 SE Oak St, Minneapolis, MN 55455


The organizing committee:

  • Jacqueline De Lora – Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Stuttgart
  • Marileen Dogterom – Delft University of Technology
  • Gabriel López – University of New Mexico
  • Joachim Spatz – Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Stuttgart
  • Christophe Danelon – Delft University of Technology
  • Stefania Usai – Delft University of Technology
  • Kate Adamala – University of Minnesota
  • Carlise Sorenson – University of Minnesota
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22 - 24 May 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Minneapolis campus
Minneapolis campus, University of Minnesota
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