GASB Advisory Board

German Association for Synthetic Biology (GASB)


Advisory Board Chairs

We are happy to introduce you to the members of the Advisory Board of the German Association for Synthetic Biology. Among them are well known and experienced scientists who have years of research experience in synthetic biology, biotechnology and related fields, and are supporting us in advancing and pursuing our goals.

Barbara Di Ventura

 University of Freiburg

Chase Beisel
Vice Chair

 HIRI – Würzburg

Advisory Board Members

Tobias Erb

 MPI Marburg

Anke Becker

  SYNMIKRO Marburg

Joachim Boldt

 University of Freiburg

Heike Siebert

 FU Berlin

Verena Siewers

 Chalmers University Göteborg – Sweden

Claudia Seitz

  FU Basel

Beatrix Süß

 TU Darmstadt

Andreas Möglich

 Uni Bayreuth

Christoph Wittmann

 Uni Saarland

Harald König

  ITAS – Karlsruhe

Tom Robinson

 MPI Potsdam

Justin Crocker

EMBL – Heidelberg

Ilka Axmann

University of Düsseldorf

Hannes Link

  University of Tübingen

Julie Zedler

 University of Jena

Nicolas Krink

 DTU Copenhagen

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