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German Association for Synthetic Biology (GASB)


Your opportunities

At GASB we always look for people who are interested and engaged with Synthetic Biology and want to contribute to the fostering of this fascinating research field. Weather you want to gain some new skills in organizing an event, manage a social media account or want to take more responsibility as a Steering Member – Everyone is welcome at GASB!

As an active Member you will be working together with like-minded people from all over Gemany and Europe on one of our current projects. You will gain new insights, skills and will be in close contact with the core of the SynBio community in Germany.

For some projects and ideas we have specific job describtions, but feel free to share your ideas with us! GASB is the place to realize your ideas!

Project Member

Be a part of a small team! – You will work with a group of students on one of our current projects. By sharing your ideas and supporting the successful realization of the next event, you can take the first step towards engaging with your future research field.

Project Lead

Take responsibility! – As a project leader you will coordinate and work with your team towards a successful project. Get new insights, meet the SynBio community and grow with the challenges that lie ahead.

Digitalization Expert

Bring us up to date! – We are looking for your support with the digitalization of GASB. With your knowledge you will help us atomize our processes and write scripts used to make administrative work easier

Website Admin

Manage our online appearance! – With our new website we look for support in maintaining our website. You will be responsible for all our online content and in close contact with all our active members.


Joining GASB allowed me to network and connect with other people from the field, which I never would have meet otherwise



Through GASB I met many interesting colleagues, but through my personal engagement in the steering committee I have the opportunity to shape the field and community of synthetic biology


Future projects

SynBio Foresight

We want to develop future scenarios for SynBio in Germany

GASB Digitalization

Simplifying administrative work by automatization


Promoting an educative podcast about SynBio to reach out to curios minds

Synbio WoRldCafe 2023

Our yearly get-together of industry and startups

GASB Conference 2023

Our annual conference on Synthetic Biology

Your IdeaS

We are curious to hear and work on your ideas!

Support us as a Sponsor

The work of GASB would not be possible without our sponsors. Find out here who is supporting us!

GASB welcomes scientific- and industrial institutions to become members of our organization, since they provide the knowledge, materials and applications of Synthetic Biology. Via GASB you will be able to get in touch with your future students, customers or employees.

Contact us for more information about sponsoring options!