Insempra GmbH

We are a team of scientists, engineers and business experts from diverse backgrounds brought together by a passion for creating sustainable products for forward-looking customers. We are now looking to hire a research associate or biological / chemical technical assistant (BTA / CTA) in the area of strain engineering and synthetic biology. The candidate will work closely with strain engineering scientists to set up and run protocols in molecular biology and protein biochemistry in a very interactive setting with colleagues in protein engineering, assay development, fermentation and downstream process development.

An ideal candidate for this position will perform the following duties:

• Perform hands-on research under the direction of a scientist.

• Conduct standard molecular biology techniques such as DNA amplification and purification, plasmid purification, cloning and sequence analysis.

• Construct microbial strains using standard molecular cloning techniques such as Gibson assembly, Golden Gate assembly or restriction-ligation cloning and strain recombineering and integration methods.

• Culture and evaluate constructed strains using small-scale (plate and flask-scale) cultivations and assays.

• Run spectrophotometric biochemical assays according to established protocols.

• Reliably document, store and clearly communicate data and results.


• Completed vocational training for BTA/MTA or Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology or related field (no PhD).

• Experience in molecular biology and protein biochemistry, involving DNA manipulation and enzymatic assays.

• Proficiency in MS Office, experience with electronic laboratory notebook software is a plus.

• Proven critical thinking and problem-solving skills and ability to work flexibly in a dynamic startup setting.

• Strong willingness to learn novel cutting-edge methodologies

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills in English (German skills are not necessary

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