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The Structural and Computational Biology (SCB) Unit at EMBL Heidelberg pursues an ambitious and cross-disciplinary research program in integrated structural and computational systems biology, bridging between temporal and spatial scales. The SCB Unit seeks to recruit a highly motivated group leader in the area of structural or molecular systems biology to address fundamental questions in life sciences.

Your role

Establish an independent and innovative research programme. The SCB Unit is interested in attracting candidates that pursue experimental or computational approaches, which can contribute to or interface with integrated structural biology. Research areas can be diverse including chemical biology, (high-throughput) biochemistry, biophysics, proteomics, metabolomics, synthetic biology, modelling and simulation of biological systems. The research should extend or enrich structural systems biology, a broad concept that the unit is pursuing, in conjunction with a strong computational biology programme.

In line with EMBL’s scientific programme from Molecules to Ecosystems, the SCB Unit is also interested in candidates that have research programs related to EMBL’s transversal themes; for example, the SCB Unit has already considerable strengths in Planetary Biology and Microbial Ecosystems. The future group leader will be embedded in the multidisciplinary and collaborative environment of EMBL, which provides many opportunities for interaction with other research groups

To apply for this job please visit www.google.com.