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Department/Institute: LMU Faculty of Biology, Plant Molecular BiologySubject areas/Research fields: Genetics, evolutionary biology, microbiologyKeywords: photosynthesis, synthetic biology, adaptive laboratory evolutionName of supervisor: Prof. Dario LeisterProject title: Enhancing photosynthesis by synthetic biology and adaptive laboratory evolutionProject description:In this project, parts of the light reactions of photosynthesis from very different species will be genetically combined in a model cyanobacterium. The aim is to improve photosynthesis with respect to its potential to use light of different wavelengths. In a complementary approach, we will use adaptive laboratory evolution to make photosynthetic organisms more tolerant to different stresses, such as high light or high temperature stress. Mutations will be identified by whole genome sequencing, characterised for their molecular effects and tested for their potential to increase stress tolerance in several species.References:Hitchcock A, Hunter CN, Sobotka R, Komenda J, Dann M, Leister D (2022) Redesigning the photosynthetic light reactions to enhance photosynthesis – the PhotoRedesign consortium. Plant J. 109: 23-34. doi: 10.1111/tpj.15552.For further information, please contact: Dario Leister, Reseach group website: Apply: Please send your application through the online portal of the Graduate School Life Science Munich (LSM

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