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SynBioCAD is a toolshed for synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, and industrial biotechnology. The tools and workflows currently shared on the portal enable one to build libraries of strains that produce desired chemical targets covering an end-to-end metabolic pathway design and engineering process. The toolkit lets one do everything from the selection of strains and targets, the design of DNA parts to be assembled, to the generation of scripts driving liquid handlers for plasmid assembly and strain transformations. The software provides a graphical user interface that allows users to drag-and-drop components into a design canvas, and then uses a set of algorithms to automatically generate a corresponding DNA sequence. These features make this tool a valuable addition to a biological engineer’s bench desk, accelerating the development of synthetic biology and metabolic engineering technologies

The CEO will be working closely with the inventors of SynBioCAD:

Prof. Jean-Loupe Faulon, scientific director and member of the board

Dr. Joan Hérisson, CTO and member of the board

Recommended experiences for CEO:
• 2+ years of leadership running early-stage ventures
• Technical and commercial understanding of synbio/biotech workflows
• Understanding of the workflow needs from the user’s point of view (Lab technicians, startups, biofoundries)
• Experience in fundraising from institutional investors like private equity, venture capital, foundations, and grants
• Experience in launching and running multiple parallel projects
• Experienced in building market opportunities and working with C-Suite in biotech/synbio companies
• Preferably hold a PhD in Biotechnology or Computer Science (or equivalent). This is not mandatory.
• Most importantly, the candidate must be able to understand and communicate the technology and its value proposition

• Manage overall operations, budgeting, and decisions of the organisation.
• Lead the development and execution of the organisation’s short and long-term strategy.
• Improve the current product by conducting interviews, collecting user-feedback, and following other well-established PM principles
• Identify relevant customers and create a market strategy
• Build and maintain a relevant network for growing the company
• Initiate and manage partnerships and collaborations with relevant stakeholders
• Receive LOIs or pre-sell the product to relevant customers
• Raise pre-seed capital in the first 6-12 months

ValleyDAO focuses on Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology, Material Science, Food Tech, and Blockchain / Cryptocurrency. Their company has offices in Europe, United States, and Asia. They have a small team that’s between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.valleydao.bio

To apply for this job please visit www.google.com.